When my friend cancelled on me when I was away, I was a little panicked, but I’m very glad I found your company. You were very professional and your quality of service was greatly appreciated.

Adam York

We had a major reno project going on at our house and wanted to get out of there for the duration so we visited our in-laws in Seattle for the month. Our house-sitter Laura was really good at supervising the contractors in our absence and saved us a month-long headache. Thank you.

Andrea & Oscar Van Der Beek

Many thanks for taking care of our home while we were away. We felt very safe knowing that our house was in a good hands, and our dog Yoshi was happy and healthy when we returned.

Ginny Li

You guys are awesome. We spent a week in Halifax visiting my parents and when we came back the house was spotless and every one of my plants was healthy and green. Thanks a bunch!

Julia & Tim Sutton


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